Solutions for Pollution






Time Left

Social Sharing will be enabled when the project is launched.

Project Overview: 
This project will provide an opportunity for fifth grade students to apply content learned in the classroom to a project that will benefit their school and community. They will create an interactive trail and digital magazine to educate people about the importance of caring for the environment and what people can do to help. 

More About the Project:
This project is an applied learning project. The students are following the design process to help to solve a problem. They are researching, communicating, collaborating, and using critical thinking to design a creative space for all to use. The students are assisting in the decision making, meeting with experts, and work through problems. They are working in committees on topics that they found interesting and wanted to learn more about.

About Us: We are a school located in south Everett, Washington. Our school has about 530 students and has been open for 7 years. The class of fifth graders working on the project includes 3 classrooms with approximately 85 students. 

How You Can Help:
You can help by providing funds to move the project forward. We are asking for donations of $10 or more to help complete our vision.

How We’ll Use the Funds:
The funds will help us create kiosks to place on our trail so people can learn about wildlife, our watershed and composting. Small group grants will be given to students with plans to create additional interactive teaching spaces such as a butterfly garden, an owl box, a bat box, bird houses and feeders, an area for people to learn about pervious and impervious ground cover, and even a stream table to simulate erosion. We also want to have a hot spot on the trail so that our iPads can be used by all the different classrooms and so people can view our digital magazine with more information on the topics. Students will be able to use apps to identify wildlife and hear bird songs as well as reflect and respond to these new learning experiences.